Photographs mean the world to me! I’m not a photographer, but I take pics non-stop of my friends & my family. I always said that would be the one thing at my wedding that I didn’t even care about the cost! I got to meet John at his house where he showed me photos he has taken…priceless! It was such an easy decision based upon his skill and him as a person. He is such a pleasure to be around! He took our engagement photos and our wedding photos. We are more than pleased with everything! Two years later, after our wedding, my mother-in-law passed away. John still had a copy of the CD of photos from our wedding. Sadly, they were the last family photos we had. He made it convenient for us to get the disc and was more than understanding. Not only is he a spectacular photographer, he is an amazing person and a friend; someone you want next to you capturing the important moments of your wedding and more!

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