Alyssa & Brady

It was in a park that Brady proposed to Alyssa. Not any random park though that just happened to offer a scenic backdrop to accentuate this momentous occasion; it was the park where they spent time together studying the Bible, growing closer to God & to each other. It was the park where, in afternoons […]

Cyndi & Markus

It reads like a fairy tale but then again shouldn’t all love stories? On their vacation to London, walking hand in hand through Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in Regents Park, he told her a story of when he was visiting the very same spot on a college trip many years before. He explained that he […]

Taylor & Michael

BFF matchmaking…is there a better way to meet your future spouse? That’s the beginning of Taylor & Mike’s happily ever after story & we are the fortunate ones that get to share in the telling of it! Mike chose Taylor’s favorite day of the year, Thanksgiving, to ask the BIG QUESTION (spoiler alert-she said yes!). […]