Alyssa & Brady

It was in a park that Brady proposed to Alyssa. Not any random park though that just happened to offer a scenic backdrop to accentuate this momentous occasion; it was the park where they spent time together studying the Bible, growing closer to God & to each other. It was the park where, in afternoons […]

Cyndi & Markus

It reads like a fairy tale but then again shouldn’t all love stories? On their vacation to London, walking hand in hand through Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in Regents Park, he told her a story of when he was visiting the very same spot on a college trip many years before. He explained that he […]

Taylor & Michael

BFF matchmaking…is there a better way to meet your future spouse? That’s the beginning of Taylor & Mike’s happily ever after story & we are the fortunate ones that get to share in the telling of it! Mike chose Taylor’s favorite day of the year, Thanksgiving, to ask the BIG QUESTION (spoiler alert-she said yes!). […]

Amber & Michael

Timing. It is everything! It is possible to cross paths with your future husband or wife your whole life and never know them. You can attend the same college, have the same friends, and even live in the same part of town yet never make that connection. Until… …one Winter night on Main Street in […]

Lindsey & TJ

Lindsey and TJ used to tell each other how much they cared by saying “I really, really, REALLY like you.” After spending the day with them, capturing these memories, there is no doubt that “like” has turned into “love” and it’s the really, really, REALLY kind of love!

Ashley & Jordon

We love hearing how the proposal happened. Always such happy stories that we know will be cherished memories for a lifetime! …and this is one such memory in the making! On NYE 2014, with all the Christmas decorations still in place, Jordon told Ashley that she had overlooked a gift in her stocking on Christmas […]